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Amfil Technologies Inc.

Amfil Technologies is based in Markham, Canada and was founded in the year 1985. The ticker symbol of the company is AMFE and it is traded on the OTC Market Exchange. The company took a new business model in the year 2013 with the changes in the management board. The present focus of the company is on the income acquisition from private companies and optimization of the Amfil Technology Operations.
The company’s major focus is on the enhanced shareholder value which allows the investors access to the small to mid-sized businesses with the business growth strategies. There is a futuristic growth of the companies aiming the achievement of long-term financial returns through dividend income and mid-level to long-term capital growth rate. The company makes an investment in the medium-sized segment having a potential of growth in its own sector.
The market cap of the company is $38.49 M and the 52-week low-high range is $0.065-0.235. The management plans are designed in a way to increase the share values by the acquisition of the small to mid-sized companies with the following conditions:
i) Profitable companies without debt or a very little debt value
ii) Scalable operations handled by the company
iii) Self-sustainment focusing on the increment of the business
iv) Possession of a unique technology containing higher growth opportunities and less overhead
v) Utilization of a proven business model in its growth stage
Amfil subsidiaries
Interloc-Kings Inc.: It was acquired very recently and is an established company providing winter services and hardscape construction for the people in Toronto & York region. This is a prime snow removal provider since 2009 with a team of intelligent designers and engineers delivering the best landscape designs to the properties in the snow-embedded regions. The company has a good reputation in the market and gives the best results in its field.
GRO3: GRO3 systems are meant for the sanitization unit for the elimination of 99.9 percent of the pathogens for the Medical Marijuana Industry. This was majorly developed for medical uses of Marijuana but has expanded its roots to the recreational segment with the legalization of cannabis for recreational usage. The company systems are meant to eliminate bacteria, pests and other pathogens from the reservoirs, plants and surrounding areas in cultivation facilities. It was developed from the EcoPrO3 ozone technology serving the food and beverage industry for many years. The products aim at improving the well-being of plants and elimination of 99.9 percent of bacteria. The control is done on pest and odors by leaving the reservoirs oxygenated and nutrient-rich.
Snakes and Lagers: This is another subsidiary of Amfil Technologies. They are the operators of the themed bars with board game concepts in Ontario, Canada. The food & beverages along with the board games are available for purchase. It is basically meant for a thematic concept of gaming bars and café available for the people looking for newness in the idea of restaurants.
Amfil Technologies is making its move in variable segments and it aims at bringing the positive results in the company’s stats.